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Our Services

The offer of e-sycare services has evolved over time, adapting to the market and the needs of its customers, always looking for innovative solutions in order to provide more efficient answers to its customers.

Care Services

Specialized Outsourcing Services, where careful attention to detail is important, and the ability to focus on results and objectives to achieve is crucial:

E-sycare provides its clients and partners with a team specialized in services and human resources outsourcing, in the health sector and in the services sector, thus allowing the identification of the best solutions, according to the specifications of each project.

Health Teams
Doctors, nurses, technicians and others.

Services Teams
Administrative, secretarial, customer support, and other across most businesses.

Third sector teams
Technical Directors, Project Coordinators, Social Animators, Social Assistants

Check of Medical Discharges.

Market Studies.

Service Level Testing using various techniques, such as the Mystery Client technique.

These services may be performed at the customer’s premises or at e-sycare, depending on the conditions and requirements of each case.

Quality Assurance of Services through:
▪ Goal setting and compliance monitoring.
▪ Creation and monitoring of appropriate management indicators.

Next to You

At e-sycare we consider that advisory services should be close, since in order to maximize the benefit for our clients it is convenient to work together with the decision makers of the organization, namely when it comes to:

Management Consulting
We collect and process information to support management decisions, duly framed in the specific reality of your company.

Startup Support

When starting a business, you have to start all over from scratch, and every obstacle seems disproportionately large. We have several solutions to lessen the impact of these initial hurdles.

Preparation of Business Plans

In order to achieve an objective, it is necessary to draw up a multi-step plan, taking into account the most important aspects. Depending on the activity, the objectives to be achieved, the development phase of the company and the entrepreneurs themselves, the plans need to be adapted.

▪ Commercial Plan
▪ Marketing Plan
▪ Operational Plan
▪ Economic – Financial Plan
▪ SWOT Analysis

Payroll Services

Human Resources Process Management, from admission to termination, including:

▪ Drafting of employment contracts and contract amendments.
▪ Communication to Official Entities (Social Security, SEF, etc).
▪ Communication to the Insurer of in’s and out’s.
▪ Medical Examination Control.
▪ Monthly Salary Processing.
▪ Pawn Control.
▪ Preparation of payment files.

Business Management

Project and company management in the business sectors where E-sycare fits, based on economic, financial and operational objectives.

We manage your business for you, set goals, and strive to achieve them.

Your success will be part of our history, contact us to learn more.